Unlike most dating applications, we do not believe in deceiving our potential users in advertising discounts with a catch. What you see is what you pay! Your time is as valuable as your money and let’s face it, being required to pay months in advance to get a discount can be frustrating.

When you create your user profile you will be required to sign our Terms and Conditions notice. It’s a standard policy you’ll find on most sites which includes a notification that you understand No Refunds will be issued at any time. You are agreeing to a monthly reoccurring charge based on your subscription plan of choice. Should you choose not to continue with our service, YOU must cancel the billing prior to the next renewal. The reoccurring billing takes place every 30 days from the day you signed up and made your first subscription payment.

The difference with Sapphic Dating© regarding the cost you pay comes in not being forced to pay for a minimum of 3 months in advance to receive your discount. We have set our price points directly to be competitive while still offering you all inclusions possible.

Any additional features that require a separate fee to participate are NOT reoccurring charges. These are paid on a per attendance or participation basis, and are a one time charge, PER event. Only online payments are accepted.

Acceptable Form of Payment

We accept all major credit, debit cards and PayPal© through our payment gateway. Remember to set your plan to re-occurring billing and not single payment. Failure to do so will terminate your account after thirty (30) days should the next billing cycle not be able to attach a payment to it.

We do NOT accept BitCoin, Zelle© or other online payment services

Upgrade/Downgrade Your Plan

You are able to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time! With an upgrade you will be charged the difference between your new plan, and your previous plan at the time of your elected change, for the remaining billing cycle.

International Currency

All charges for this platform are in U.S. dollars. Canadian & Mexico citizens using the app will have their form of currency automatically converted for them, based on the daily rate on the day they submit payment.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Sapphic Dating© does not require advance monthly payments. Your billing cycle begins the day of your first subscription payment and ends on day 30. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you must cancel the reoccurring billing through your financial institution. Should you elect to cancel on day 5 of your subscription, you forfeit the remaining balance paid during the billing cycle. However, your account remains active and usable until the billing cycle expires.

Additional questions or concerns may be addressed via email through the Contact Us page.

Your monthly statement

Your bank or credit card statement will reflect your monthly charges under the business name of “Monarch Productions LLC”.